Accolade to hold heart screenings at Opportunities Center

With February being National Heart Awareness Month, local residents are encouraged to get heart health screenings for their overall well-being.In an effort to detect heart health, Accolade Home Health Care will be offering confidential Heart Health Screenings to Borger residents and citizens from surrounding areas from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012, at the Opportunities Center in Borger.The screenings take roughly five to ten minutes and include a five-panel screening that measures blood pressure, O2 saturation, weight, cholesterol, and BMI. Each screening is administered by a qualified health professional and the results from the screening will be made available to the participant. Accolade will also provide people with information sheets explaining their screening numbers.Each year in the United States, six million people are put in the hospital because of cardiovascular disease. The number of excess deaths from coronary heart diseas is projected to rise from 59 in 2020 (an excess of nine percent) to 3,600 in 2035.Dr. Arunava Ray, a Texas cardiologist, said patients are educated about their disease through the doctor’s office or through home health.“Home health has reduced re-admissions into the hospital by a good 50 percent,” Dr. Ray said.Weaver McKamie, wife of a Accolade Home Care patient, said the simplicity of the monitor made things easier and also provided more personal care.“It gave me a feeling of comfort that someone would look at my husband daily,” she said.Telemonitoring has been proven to be a beneficial way to manage cardiac patients in their home. Accolade was one of the first agencies in the country to use this tool to better care for patients. The monitor is used by the patient to transmit vital signs, which include blood pressure, heart rate, weight and oxygen saturation, daily to a team of specialized nurses. The daily transmitted information allows Accolade to provide more proactive care.Maureen Kratzer, an RN with Accolade Home Care, said like most agencies, Accolade utilizes the monitors on its cardiac patients.“With the monitor, we are able to detect subtle changes in the patients’ conditions earlier, thereby reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits,” she said. “This type of care empowers the patient to better manage their condition.”For more information on the upcoming heart screenings, call 806-665-9700.