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Price Makes Late Push To Capture NCAA Outdoor 1500m Title

Bulldog Beat - Sat, 06/13/2015 - 9:57pm
EUGENE, Ore. – Heart, passion and leaving it all out on the track are qualities one will find in a champion. On Saturday, Mississippi State's Rhianwedd Price was that very definition.

MSU Turns In Historic Top 10 Finish

Bulldog Beat - Sat, 06/13/2015 - 12:00am
EUGENE, Ore. – Not since 1923 had the Mississippi State men finished in the Top 10 of the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships, but that all changed Friday when the Bulldogs finished eighth overall after the 4x400m relay foursome placed third overall in dramatic fashion to conclude action at historic Hayward Field.

Overstock Opens Up Capital Market With Entrex's TIGRcubs

Lifestyles - Fri, 06/12/2015 - 3:53pm

(NewsUSA) - If will do a TIGRcub, why wouldn't you?

If you're not familiar with a TIGRcub or Top Line Income Generation Rights Certificate, simply put, it's a way for private companies to raise capital by offering investors debt enhanced by a slice of revenue. This allows investors to invest in these companies benefiting from monthly cash flows without the headaches of traditional stock market fluctuations.

Overstock is now offering a $25 million revenue-based TIGRcub security via Entrex: a Capital Market System for Entrepreneurial Companies (

The Overstock,com TIGRcub is being offered to provide a minimum yield of 6.5 percent plus a small slice of revenue, which could provide a maximum yield of 7 percent via the revenue participation or "Top Line." The offering is a private offering being made exclusively to qualified institutional buyers and a limited number of accredited investors.

According to Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of Entrex, "Revenue is the tangible performance line of the company or the 'Top Line,' which is so different from investing in the volatility of the equity markets, which is often more investor sentiment and speculation than corporate performance."

"TIGRcub Securities provide a monthly cash-flowing risk-adjusted return for investors, eliminating a lot of the downfalls of equity or stock-based investing," says Watkins.

The Overstock TIGRcub will be issued as 25 one million-dollar tokens and will trade using Overstock's "" BlockChain and across a regulated Alternative Trading System. Financial performance of the TIGRcub will be reported to Bloomberg along with other financial industry data consolidators so investors will have active knowledge of trading and performance of the security.

Overstock made a name for itself in 1999 under Dr. Patrick M. Byrne, the company's current CEO, who recognized the potential of selling excess consumer goods through the Internet to bargain-hunting consumers. Now, Overstock offers more than one million products, from clothing to home goods to furniture to cars, but is now serving industries as diverse as insurance, travel and Cryptocurrencies. Today Dr. Byrne sees and Entrex's TIGRcub helping to revolutionize the Capital Market the same way the Internet revolutionized the world.

For its part, Entrex currently has a $500 million diversified pool of TIGRcub offerings going to market, which means that there are plenty of companies to invest in.

To learn more about this opportunity, visit

Save Water by Stopping Leaks Early

Lifestyles - Fri, 06/12/2015 - 3:50pm
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - Water is a limited and essential resource, but too many people are unaware of how much is wasted. Believe it or not, the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water each day, and 70 percent of that water is used inside the home. Unfortunately, much of that water is wasted without a homeowner's knowledge.

Water leaks are among the main sources of wasted water in the home, accounting for as much as 13.7 percent of a household's water use. That's more than the top household water uses, which include taking a shower, running the dishwasher or doing laundry.

However, some simple tips can help homeowners conserve water, prevent damage caused by leaks and save money on repairs caused by water damage.

Launder Less

Do fewer larger loads of laundry instead of more smaller loads. A larger load uses less water per pound of clothes.

Delay Dishes

Wait until the dishwasher is full before running it; a half full load wastes both water and electricity.

Improve Appliances

Data suggest that high-efficiency water-saving devices, such as low-flow showerheads and toilets, could save U.S. households 5.4 billion gallons of water and $11.3 million each day, and the low-flow devices that are currently available don't sacrifice water pressure for efficiency. But if more efficient bathroom fixtures aren't an option, simply taking shorter showers can save two to five gallons of water per minute.

Get a Grip on Leaks

New leak detection products can help homeowners identify leaks early, so they can be managed before water damage sets in. The FloLogic System, for example, serves as a circuit breaker for the plumbing system in the home, sending an alarm and shutting off the water supply when a leak is detected. This early detection feature is key to preventing water damage associated with an unidentified and unrepaired leak. As an added bonus, some insurance companies will provide discounts to homeowners who install systems such as FloLogic.

For more details about how the FloLogic System can help you save water, and money, by managing leaks, please visit

Bougard Places Fourth In Heptathlon

Bulldog Beat - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 11:12pm
EUGENE, Ore. – Multi athlete Erica Bougard ended the heptathlon with a fourth-place finish earning the first points for the Mississippi State women's team Thursday at the NCAA Track and Field Outdoor Championships.

Lord praises Guymon victory

Twisted Rodeo - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 8:33pm

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story appears in the May edition of Women’s Pro Rodeo News, the official publication of the WPRA. It is reproduced with the consent of the WPRA.

The tiny berg of Texhoma rests directly on the Texas-Oklahoma state line in the northern most section of the Panhandle, less than two hours straight north of Amarillo.

Most of the 1,300 people live on the north side of the border in, oddly enough, Texas County, Okla. Just up the road 20 miles is Guymon, the largest city in the region and home of Pioneer Days Rodeo.

It always will be home for Shali Lord. On May 1-3, the Lamar, Colo., cowgirl returned to her ol’ stompin’ grounds to win her hometown rodeo for the second time in her career – she earned her first Pioneer Days Rodeo title a decade before in that magical season that produced her only qualification to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Guymon Pioneer Days Logo“It’s always fun going to Guymon because of friends and family,” Lord said. “It’s just a really cool experience; it’s been 10 years since I won it on Slider.”

Slider is an athletic bay that now lives just outside Lord’s back door in an eastern Colorado pasture. Now she leans on Freckles Ta Fame, a 6-year-old chestnut stallion owned by Joe and Carla Spitz of Lamar. Can Man is out of Frenchmans Freckles and Dash Ta Fame, holding a strong racing lineage on both sides of his pedigree.

He and Lord placed fourth in both rounds in Guymon and won the average title with a two-run cumulative time of 34.04 seconds, just three-hundredths of a second faster than runner-up Calyssa Thomas.

“I think the ground has been the best it’s been in years,” Lord said. “They had some moisture on it, and they try to keep it good and consistent. It was really good and really even throughout slack. My horse really liked it. It was hot on Sunday (the final day), but it was good underneath.”

That worked well for Lord, who earned $4,735 for the victory. It was especially nice considering the fact that the Pioneer Days Rodeo committee will be one of three inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in August, joining committees in Sidney, Iowa, and Red Bluff, Calif.

“It’s very exciting,” she said. “That’s a great committee and a great community of rodeo athletes. It’s really a special recognition for that rodeo and the whole community. The whole county takes a lot of pride in that event.

“That committee has worked at it for years, and it’s one of the top rodeos in the country. They try hard, and it’s a well-deserved acknowledgement.”

Guymon also kick-started an idea of what Lord and the Spitzes can expect out of Can Man. With a couple of solid back-ups in place, Lord plans to spend the next couple of months making a run to see if she can return to the Wrangler NFR after a 10-year hiatus.

“Hopefully things will fall into place,” she said. “A lot of things can change in the summer, and there’s a lot of money to be won.”

She plans to let Can Man do a lot of the heavy-lifting. He proved himself quite worthy inside Henry C. Hitch Arena, the longtime home of the 83-year-old rodeo. His performance inside the large pen should provide valuable as the summer run of rodeos begins in just a few weeks.

“He loves his job, and he just keeps getting stronger and stronger,” Lord said. “He won a lot of money at the futurities. I’ve had him about a year. He won money at the first rodeo I took him to last summer.

“Nothing seems to bother him at the rodeo as far as music or banners or anything. He’s so much fun to ride and such a pleasure to be around.”

It helps that Can Man’s pedigree allows for a solid combination of being fast with a strong ability to turn well. It’s something everyone hopes is passed down to his descendants.

“He’s a little different than most studs, because he hauls well,” Lord said. “I do pay attention to what’s around him. I make sure I don’t put anything around him.

“He’s really laid back at home when I exercise him. The minute I go somewhere, you get to the rodeo or the jackpot and he knows where he is and what he’s there for. He gets hyped up and excited. He’s well aware of what his job is when we get somewhere.”

A personality like that should come in handy on the rodeo trail. She also would like to see how the beautiful red speedster likes the Thomas & Mack Center.

She knows the path to Las Vegas in December is long and winding, but Shali Lord is ready to find her way. She has just the right amount of horsepower to make it happen.

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MSU Tennis’ Agarwal, Tran Named Capital One Academic All-America

Bulldog Beat - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 3:37pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – Announced Thursday by CoSIDA (College Sports Information Directors of America), Mississippi State men's tennis star Rishab Agarwal and women's tennis standout Naomi Tran have been selected to the 2015 Capital One Academic All-America Division I At-Large Teams with their impressive seasons on the court and in the classroom.

Protecting Pipes in Condos Can Create Good Neighbors

Lifestyles - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 3:05pm
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - High-rise condos may seem like a dream for those craving an urban setting or for beach-going vacationers who long for a comfortable home, sans the hassle. But living in close contact with neighbors has its own set of challenges, like floods that cover entire floors, and quite often these issues can go unnoticed until it's too late.

To this point, a high-rise leak can become an even larger problem. All it takes is for one neighbor's child to leave a faucet on to cause irreparable damage to the ceiling of the unit below. A pipe could unknowingly sprout a leak, causing damage to several apartments and leading repairmen to search for several hours before a leak can be stopped.

In condominiums, water damage can affect multiple families' health (to say nothing of their wallet) because moisture can lead to mold, which is difficult to completely remove (and can mean thousands of dollars to do so). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold can cause everything from eye irritation to troubled breathing, and after extended exposure, chronic lung disease.

Water damage from a neighbor starting a flood can also ruin personal property in the form of unsightly cracks or water spots on ceilings or walls and can also ruin antique carpet or hard-to-replace items. But floods are common. Case in point? In 2003, California alone saw insurance companies pay $500 million in water damage claims.

However, condominium communities can take steps to protect entire buildings from water damage. New products can detect and stop water leaks before damage occurs. For example, the FloLogic System (, which won one of Popular Science's Best of What's New awards, acts like a circuit breaker for the home plumbing system.

As an automatic water shut-off device, the FloLogic System is able to monitor a condominium's water supply from one location in the main. When the flow through the system exceeds a preset limit, the product shuts off the water and sounds an alarm at the keypad, saving not only yours, but your neighbor's as well. The alarm can also be linked to a condominium's security system for increased awareness.

For more information, visit

4 Ways to Add Some Muscle to Your Exercise Routine

Lifestyles - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 3:03pm
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - When it comes to getting fit, many consider cardio exercise the best solution. But strength training is also an essential part of any comprehensive exercise routine. Strength training can boost cardio health, burn calories and fat and put you on the fasttrack for fitness success.

It's no surprise that strength training was listed as a top fitness trend for both men and women by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). It's also a key step towards improving quality of daily life -- whether that's countering long hours spent at a desk job or staying active with the family.

"Everyone can benefit enormously from strength training," says celebrity trainer and Bowflex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland. "Muscle helps our bodies work optimally, providing us with functional strength and the ability to perform daily activities with ease."

Here are some easy ways to add some strength training into your exercise routine:

* Commit to a regular routine, and build from there. If you are new to strength training, consider lighter weights and fewer repetitions to get started. You can challenge yourself with larger increments and higher repetitions as you progress. "Success in strength training is all about overloading the muscle with precise weight and progressing appropriately," Holland says.

* Use equipment, or keep it simple. Equipment such as kettle bells, dumbbells and medicine balls are all great options. For example, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells ( replace 15 sets of weights with a space-saving design -- adjustable from 5 to 52.5 pounds at the turn of a dial. If you don't have easy access to weights, or want to start off simple, everyday objects, such as a frozen water bottle or cans of soup, can be used as substitutes.

* Get back to the basics with functional fitness. Functional fitness focuses on strength and bodyweight training exercises to improve balance, develop muscle and condition our bodies. Basic exercises, such as squats or sit-ups, mimic movements used in daily life. Another option to keep your body tuned to daily activities is walking. You might not be ready for a 5k walk, but a machine like the Bowflex TreadClimber ( can help you get started by combining the motions of a treadmill, a stair climber and an elliptical.

* Fuel your strength training with protein. "Protein is essential to building lean muscle," says Holland. One easy solution is a protein shake or smoothie. For example, the new Bowflex Body ( nutrition line includes fitness shakes that provide a 15-gram punch of protein and essential vitamins for only 125 calories.

How to Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks

Lifestyles - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 3:01pm
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - When business giants Target, Home Depot and Sony got hacked, and personal information was compromised, data security, once again, became a hot topic and household word.

Sure, you know you need to do more to shield your identity, but let's face it, you can only do so much to protect yourself, and even that is reliant on other people or companies. Unfortunately, these same entities can clearly be careless.

When people aren't careful, the Internet can become a playground for criminal activity. Whether you're checking your email, banking information or doing some online shopping, you have already put yourself at risk of having your identity stolen.

Criminals have developed several ways to obtain personal data from innocent Internet users. According to the United States Department of Justice, cyber criminals can take over an individual's identity to conduct a wide range of crimes. Criminals like to make fraudulent withdrawals from bank accounts because victims usually don't become aware of the criminal activity until substantial and irreversible damage has already been done.

Enter Gabriel, a set of secure communication apps derived from a U.S. Department of Defense project and created by VirnetX, an Internet security software and technology company.

Gabriel transmits information using automatic virtual private networks with military-grade encryption. Think Cryptograms.

"Gabriel has been designed and built with personal privacy and security as a foundational principle," says Dr. Robert Short, VirnetX Chief Technical Officer and Chief Scientist. "As a result, Gabriel provides uncompromising data security? users do not have to transmit data to, or store data with, any third party, including VirnetX. Users can therefore rest easy that their data is stored only on their devices."

Other benefits from using Gabriel include:

* Making free voice or video calls or sending instant messages to other Gabriel members in your network.

* Receiving spamless e-mail.

* Allowing for person-to-person messages that disappear once the session has ended.

* Sharing pictures or files with other trusted Gabriel users in your network directly from your personal device.

All of the above is done with other members of your network with the assurance that the transmissions are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Simply put, Gabriel makes your online communications invisible. Think of it this way: if the bad guys can't see you, they can't attack you.

Gabriel is free to try. For more information, please visit

Prepare Your Pipes for a Winter Cold Snap

Lifestyles - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 2:58pm
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - Winter has a certain amount of charm that comes with it -- from sledding and outdoor ice skating to snowmen and brightly lit trees. But when icy weather hits, and your pipes are ill-prepared, it can mean a long (and costly) spring.

Here's what happens: When temperatures drop, trapped water in pipes can freeze. Since water expands when it freezes, it can cause the pipes to rupture. When the pipes thaw, that's when homeowners might come home to a flooded basement.

Instead of waiting before it's too late, now is the time to insulate your pipes before the cold weather returns. Do it in the comfort of warm weather at your leisure so you're not rushed when the cold weather arrives.

Insulate pipes

This action step performs double duty, keeping hot water pipes warm and protecting cold water pipes from freezing, which can lead to immediate energy returns. Homeowners with existing insulation should check it before the cold weather comes to town. If either the insulation or its tape looks cracked or crumbles to the touch, it should be replaced. If the pipes have either wire or tape heaters, homeowners should contact the pipe heater's manufacturer before attempting to insulate pipes.

Old Man Winter

As a homeowner, you most likely will not be needing your hose or sprinklers this winter season. To that end, drain and store your lawn and gardening supplies before the first freeze. Even well-insulated homes reach freezing temperatures if left unheated.

Anti-leak technologies

Like any other industry, new technology is being developed to prevent water damage. One product, the FloLogic System, acts like a circuit breaker for the home plumbing system. The FloLogic system monitors a home's entire water flow from a single position on the water main. When the flow through the system's sensor exceeds a preset limit, the system shuts off the water and sounds an alarm at the keypad. If connected to a security system, FloLogic will notify the monitoring service. Shutting off the water prevents flooding, saving you from potentially costly repairs. Many insurers will also offer discounts to homeowners who use the FloLogic System.

If, however, a pipe is already frozen, homeowners should turn off the water, slowly thaw the pipe, then call a plumber to make necessary repairs.

For more information about the FloLogic System, and protecting your home from water damage, visit or call 1-877-FloLogic.

How to Keep Seniors Mobile at Home

Lifestyles - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 2:12pm
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - You're getting older, and those day-to-day tasks that never took a second thought are becoming more difficult. Your kids are urging you to downsize and move to an apartment in a senior living community where everything would be on one level, but that's the last thing you want to do. After all, home is where your heart is, and it's where you want to stay.

Fortunately for today's seniors, there are many devices that make aging easier and safer. These devices can also increase mobility in the home. One device is a stairlift, like the ones made by Acorn Stairlifts of Orlando, Fla.

Stairlifts can be designed for straight or curved staircases, even outdoor patios and front steps.

If you're unsteady on your feet and are at risk of falling, or if you suffer from painful osteoarthritis, here are some more ways to increase mobility while staying safe in your home.

* Reduce clutter and move tripping hazards, like stacks of books, off the floor.

* If you live with cats, put collars with bells on them so you always know where they are. Pets, too, can be a tripping hazard.

* Consider using a cane. Today's canes come in pretty colors and patterns and will help you keep your balance as you're walking around the house.

* Invest in a grabber pole so you can reach cans and bags of food and other items stored on high shelves without using a stepladder.

For Gloria Clark, whose back and leg pain were so severe she had to crawl up the steps using her hands and feet, a stairlift "made all the difference in the world." And Charles and Nancy Spear say their stairlift has made their "home feel like it's 'ours' again."

While the original stairlifts were clunky and difficult to use, today's models are streamlined and fold up and out of the way when not in use. The newest models, like Acorn's, are powered by two small 12-volt batteries under the seat or by regular house current. The lifts have sensors around the perimeter of the foot platform that will stop the lift when a sensor is triggered by a foot that has slipped off the platform or an object that has fallen on the floor and is in the way.

To learn more about how a stairlift can make life easier for you, visit

Chew on This: New Portable Spittoon Makes for Less of a Mess

Lifestyles - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 8:08am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - They are as iconic and as much a part of the fabric of U.S. history as the cowboys who used them. Then, just as it is now, the spittoon was popular and necessary.

In fact, as state lawmakers continue to outlaw cigarettes in bars, restaurants, workplaces and government buildings, smokers are opting for smokeless tobacco, and the spittoon (or something akin to it) is once again becoming a necessity.

Supporting the notion that smokeless tobacco use is on the rise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that four out of every 100 adults aged 18 years and older (men and women) use smokeless tobacco, about seven in every 100 are men. In addition, young adult males (aged 18-25 years) accounted for more than 10 in every 100. This bodes well for companies that provide accessories for smokeless tobacco users, such as Atlanta-based FLASR (OTCQB: FLSR).

One of the more inconvenient (not to mention messy) aspects of smokeless tobacco is the unsightly spit cup that users must carry around. According to its website, FLASR portable spittoons were invented to "provide you [the user] with an elegant and easy-to-use solution for taking your favorite tobacco products along wherever your travels lead you."

The FLASR flask that has an advanced closing mechanism, ensuring that it stays securely closed when not in use, eliminating the risk of spills and leaks often seen with cups and bottles. In addition, the new 4-ounce FLASR pocket-sized spittoon is designed to allow users to open and shut it with just one hand, making it an ideal solution for everyday use or when taking the pleasure of snuff, dip or chew, hunting, fishing or to any other sport or event.

The small size of the FLASR portable tobacco flask allows users to enjoy smokeless tobacco unobtrusively in public without unwanted attention.

The company plans on designing variations of the product to give consumers a greater choice of design options, including, but not limited to, brands and logos of sports teams, hobbies, interests and more.

For more information, visit

Thompson Finishes Third At Nationals

Bulldog Beat - Thu, 06/11/2015 - 12:29am
EUGENE, Ore. – Ending his freshman season on the national stage, Curtis Thompson placed third in the javelin with a throw of 247-05 to earn six points for Mississippi State at the 2015 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships on Wednesday at Hayward Field.


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