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Second round complete in Guymon

Twisted Rodeo - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 5:32pm

Guymon Pioneer Days Logo-100Steer wrestling: Second round: 1. Darrell Petry, 4.0 seconds, $1,946; 2. Jacob Talley, 4.3, $1,692; 3. Rowdy Parrott, 4.4, $1,438; 4. Ryan Swayze and Ty Erickson, 4.5, $1,058 each; 6. San Branco, 4.6, $677; 7. (tie) Forest Sainsbury, Josh Frost, Jordan Wiseman, Les Shepperson and Tyler Pearson, 4.8, $118 each. Average leaders: 1. Hunter Lewis, 8.4 seconds on two runs; 2. Stan Branco, 9.0; 3. (tie) Jason Lahr, Dean Gorsuch and Tyler Pearson, 10.2; 6. (tie) Glen Clark and Tommy Cook, 10.4; 8. Jacob Talley, 10.6.

Team roping: Second round: 1. (tie) Brian Dunning/Jesse Jolly and Joel Bach/Allen Bach, 5.6 seconds, $1,799 each; 3. Bubba Buckaloo/Ryan Motes, 5.9, $1,422; 4. Jesse Stipes/Billie Jack Saebens, 6.2, $1,171; 5. Tyler Milligan/Brady Norman, 6.3, $920; 6. Tom Richards/Cesar de la Cruz, 6.5, $669; 7. (tie) Justin Turner/Chase McAlvain and Colby Lovell/Kory Koontz, 6.6, $293 each. Average leaders: 1. Colby Lovell/Kory Koontz, 13.0 on two runs; 2. Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 13.3; 3. Jake Cooper/Tyler McKnight, 13.5; 4. Dustin Davis/Will Woodfin, 13.8; 5. Jess Tierney/Jace Crabb, 14.4; 6. (tie) Tom Richards/Cesar de la Cruz and Chris Francis/Cade Passig, 14.6; 8. Chace Thompson/Richard Durham, 14.7.

Tie-down roping: Second round: 1. Blain Cox, 7.3 seconds, $1,989; 2. (tie) Dillon Holder and Shane Hanchey, 7.4, $1,600 each; 4. Josh Peek, 7.6, $1,211; 5. (tie) Blake Deckard, Jake Pratt and Trevor Brazile, 7.7, $692 each; 8. (tie) Reese Riemer and Ace Slone, 7.9, $86 each. Average leaders: 1. Jake Pratt, 15.3 seconds on two runs; 2. Tyler Prcin, 16.6; 3. (tie) Cory Solomon and Shane Hanchey, 16.9; 5. (tie) Reese Reimer and Blaine Cox, 17.6; 8. Tyler Milligan, 17.8.

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Bulldogs Conclude Regular Season At Home

Bulldog Beat - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 4:39pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – After earning spots in the Top 25, both Mississippi State track and field teams look to improve as they host the Jace LaCoste Invitational this Friday and Saturday, May 1-2.

Women's Hoops To Play In SEC/Big 12 Challenge In 2016, 2017

Bulldog Beat - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 3:44pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – Mississippi State will participate in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge for both the 2016 and 2017 seasons, the league offices announced Thursday.

High OCTANe Event Comes to Calif., Brings Businesses, Investors Together

Lifestyles - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 3:17pm
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - California has always been the "it" state. The go-to location for creativity and the birthplace of innovative ideas, and successful companies. While not always the case (think: more than a decade of economic and social troubles), it remains the eighth largest economy in the world.

Supporting the idea that the Golden State is still the place to see and be seen, is that high-tech companies employ approximately 1 million people with a payroll of about $100 billion, and that 66 percent of new jobs come from companies younger than five years old.

So, what does all this mean? For OCTANe, a startup accelerator, it's an opportunity to connect people and ideas with capital and resources to fuel technology and growth in Orange County. Through its LaunchPad SBDC program, the Orange County-based company has seen tremendous initial investment in affiliated startups. With follow-up funding and equity exit activity, total investment in OCTANe LaunchPad companies now approaches more than $780 million since 2004.

In the spirit of continuing its mission to help companies raise capital, OCTANe Launch Pad will be holding its Technology Investor Forum on May 5 in Irvine, Calif.

"The Technology Investor Forum presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, local universities' faculty and staff and corporate CEOs to come together in one place to build upon the strong foundation of resources in Orange County," said Bill Carpou, OCTANe CEO.

One award-winning technology company selected by OCTANe to be showcased at the event is MovoCash, Inc.

"We are excited to be a part of what OCTANe is doing to promote economic growth in Southern California, and it is an honor to present along side of the other terrific startup companies hand picked by OCTANe," said Eric Solis, president and CEO of MovoCash.

MovoCash will be presenting their groundbreaking payments technology in front of over 700 in attendance. The premise of MovoCash is to provide a secure app for consumers to take control of their finances by turning their smartphones into their very own digital banks, generating fraud-preventing one-time-use payment tokens on demand for shopping online or in store.

A total of 10 hand-picked companies will be showcased at the event. To date, past companies that have been selected to present have gone on to raise over $418 million.

"This event serves as a source for capital creation for emerging companies and businesses within the California region and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with investors from all over the country," said Carpou.

Attendees will have access to investment panel discussions, a "fast pitch" competition with prominent regional investors, and an innovation showcase demo.

Sponsors of the event include Microsemi, UL, Stradling, Silicon Valley Bank and Microsoft among many others. For more information, visit and

A Novel Innovation Hub for Africa

Lifestyles - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 3:15pm
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(NewsUSA) - On April 13, 2015 Angola's Sovereign Wealth Fund announced the launch of five Investment Funds, targeting economic and social development in Sub-Saharan Africa. These will be accompanied by the establishment of a commercial vehicle to set up micro-business incubators for Angolan entrepreneurs.

The inspirations for these projects include the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Media Lab in the United States and African projects like Gearbox (Kenya) and AMP (Ghana). Three targeted platforms -- African Accelerator Markets, 'Sopa de Sab?o' Culture Hub and Cabinda Port Tech Hub & Prototyping Lab -- will deliver cultural, economic, social and technology goods and services that capitalize on human capacities and capacity building. The 'Sopa de Sab?o' Culture Hub will be supported by the Swiss-based African Innovation Foundation.

Project director and curator Emeka Okafor is enthusiastic about the possibilities this project can offer for economic development and peace in Angola.

Q: Mr. Okafor, why are you so enthusiastic about this project?

A: The intention is to create interlocking innovation hubs that will harness innovation, creativity and the existing entrepreneurial ability within Angola. We will bring in the best practices with high impact, adapt them to the local environment and create the basis for what will be the leading example for an African creative innovation hub. Our vision is to help unfold Africa's innovation potential and to contribute to peace and stability through prosperity and best business practices.

Q: What is the current status of the project?

A: We are in the process of launching a management company that will provide advice and support to all teams involved with the development of the three different incubators, which will be deeply engaged with their surrounding local communities. We are going to open up opportunities for people and accelerate the incubation of new ventures. Another objective is to diversify the economy in Angola by using non-conventional manners.

Q: What does that mean?

A: We will bring in experiences from outside Angola, look at what is on the ground already and then blend these approaches with what we think can work in Angola. It is going to be bottom-up. We are looking to build something that nobody ever before has built in Angola.

Q: Your plans sound very positive but are they also realistic?

A: Similar projects have been successful in the past, in the United States as well as in Africa. We studied the success stories of 'Maker' type projects of various scales internationally and across Africa to combine the best lessons of these projects as guidelines for this new venture.

Emeka Okafor is a Venture Catalyst and Entrepreneur whose past and current projects include Maker Faire Africa, Serengeti Tea, Africa Innovation Foundation, TED Fellows and the X Prize Foundation. His insights and initiatives are at the forefront of emergent systems, maker innovation incubation and the creative industries.

Baseball Ticket Update: MVSU & Northwestern State

Bulldog Beat - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 1:27pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. - Mississippi State baseball fans with tickets from the canceled Feb. 17 home game against Mississippi Valley State may exchange ticket for a general admission ticket.

6 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Photos Like a Pro

Lifestyles - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 10:39am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - With everything that goes into your wedding day, those once-in-a-lifetime moments will go by in a blur, which is why hiring a professional wedding photographer is a must. After all, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether your photographer will be able to capture your big day.

The key? Prepare yourself so that you can accurately evaluate the "right" photographer for you.

"The best photographer will take the time to build a rapport with you and use his or her experience and creativity to capture the mood, personality, ambiance and even the geography of your wedding," says PPA (Professional Photographers of America) photographer Berit Bizjak. "The finest wedding photography is more than a series of still pictures. It's physical poetry -- it tells the story of the day and portrays the essence of both people and place."

To this end, PPA, the largest international nonprofit association created by professional photographers, has taken the guesswork out of the process by offering six tips to help you plan your wedding photos like a pro:

1. Book far in advance. The best photographers get booked quickly -- sometimes as much as a year in advance -- so don't wait until the last minute to book your photographer.

2. Show them the money. Now is not the time to skimp on your photo budget. Call around and get a price range for services, and remember: after the cake is long gone, and the dress is stored away, your wedding photos will be the only things left to share and enjoy for years to come, so don't cut too many corners on your photography budget -- you'll end up regretting it.

3. Make sure your photographer is a real pro. Only hire someone who has liability insurance, experience taking the style of photos you want, backup equipment and a plan for when things go south. Ideally, he or she is a PPA photographer. PPA photographers do more than just snap pictures. They have the technical expertise and artistry to make you look your best and bring your vision to life. They also abide by a strict code of ethics that makes a real difference. Watch this (video) to see real married couples share their stories.

4. Request to see a full gallery of real weddings. Look at full wedding coverage (not just a small selection of each wedding's best moments) to see a photographer's true style and get a sense of how he or she might tell your "story." Do you prefer more artistic or traditional poses? Would you rather have a photojournalist approach or a mix of all styles?

5.Work with your photographer to create a detailed shot list. PPA wedding photographers can also help you create that shot list, as they know what key moments tell a wedding story and can prepare for those. But talk about your must-haves, and walk through the entire program with your photographer ahead of time. Share your expectations ahead of time to ensure that he or she captures the key shots, while remaining attentive and available to catch the best candid moments.

6. Plan your post-wedding photo strategy• ahead of time! Almost as soon as the festivities are over, you'll be eager to look at the photos so you can relive your big day over and over again. Ask your photographer for teasers or a "sneak peek" and a timeline for when the rest of the pictures will be available. Will they give you an online gallery for family and friends to choose the images they want? Again, knowing these things ahead of time will make things easy on the back end, sparing you any heartache.

Get more tips like these, and prepare for the best wedding photos

8 Seniors To Be Honored This Weekend At Dudy Noble Vs. #1 LSU

Bulldog Beat - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 10:38pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – Looking to send eight seniors out in style, the Mississippi State baseball team (23-22, 7-14 SEC) battles the nation's top-ranked team in LSU (38-7) this weekend at Dudy Noble.

Cash And Lakat Earn NCAA Doubles Bid, All-American Status

Bulldog Beat - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 8:21pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – A day removed from earning a bid to their fifth-straight NCAA Team Championship, the 18th-ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs landed a pair of players in the 2015 NCAA Individual Championships, the NCAA announced on Wednesday.

MSU’s Lee Earns Berth In 2015 NCAA Singles Championship

Bulldog Beat - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 7:57pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. - Mississippi State women's tennis standout Jasmine Lee has been selected to compete in the 2015 NCAA Singles Championship May 20-25 in Waco, Texas, as announced by the NCAA Division I Selection Committee Wednesday.

First round complete in Guymon

Twisted Rodeo - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 5:24pm

Steer wrestling: First round: 1. Hunter Lewis, 3.4 seconds, $1,946; 2. Jason Lahr, 4.3, $1,692; 3. (tie) Stan Branco and Brad Loesch, 4.4, $1,311 each; 5. (tie) Brandon Volker, Mitchell Gardner and Kyle Irwin, 4.5, $677 each; 8. Dean Gorsuch, 4.9, $169.

Team roping: First round: 1. Jake Cooper/Tyler McKnight, 5.9 seconds, $1,924; 2. David Key/Martin Lucero, 6.2, $1,673; 3. Chase Thompson/Richard Durham, 6.3, $1,422; 4. (tie) Turtle Powell/Dakota Kirchenschlager, Colby Lovell/Kory Koontz and Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 6.4, $920 each; 7. Dustin Davis/Will Woodfin, 6.6, $418; 8. Chris Francis/Cade Passig, 6.7, $167.

Tie-down roping: First round: 1. Sterling Smith, 7.2 seconds, $1,989; 2. Jake Pratt, 7.6, $1,730; 3. Michael Otero, 8.0, $1,470; 4. Cory Solomon, 8.1, $1,211; 5. Blair Burk, 8.2, $951; 6. Marty Yates, 8.3, $692; 7. Tyler Prcin, 8.5, $432; 8. Randall Carlisle, 8.6, $173.

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Tuf Cooper leads Guymon steer roping

Twisted Rodeo - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 3:30pm
Tuf Cooper

Tuf Cooper

Steer roping results
Third round: 1. Ralph Williams, 13.9 seconds, $1,840; 2. Jess Tierney, 15.6, $1,523; 3. Tyrel Taton, 17.4, $1,206; 4. Leo Campbell, 17.5, $888; 5. Marty Jones, 18.2, $571; 6. Slick Ellis, 18.8, $317.

Fourth round: 1. Trevor Brazile, 11.7 seconds, $1,840; 2. Brad Starks, 14.4, $1,523; 3. Will Gasperson, 15.7, $1,206; 4. Chris Glover, 16.6, $888; 5. Fred Brown, 16.8, $571; 6. (tie) Trey Wallace and Chance Kelton, 16.9, $159 each.

Average leaders: 1. Tuf Cooper, 90.3 seconds on four head; 2. JoJo LeMond, 93.2; 3. Vin Fisher Jr., 110.2; 4. Brodie Poppino, 52.7 on three head; 5. Scott Snedecor, 54.5; 6. Chance Kelton, 57.4.

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Poppino leads Guymon after Day 1

Twisted Rodeo - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 6:34pm
Brodie Poppino

Brodie Poppino

Steer roping results
First round: 1. Rocky Patterson, 14.9 seconds, $1,840; 2. Brodie Poppino, 16.0, $1,523; 3. Dari Suit, 17.5, $1,206; 4. Mike Chase, 17.8, $888; 5. (tie) Blake Deckard, Ora Taton and Jason Evans, 18.0, $296 each.

Second round: 1. Scott Snedecor, 13.9 seconds, $1,840; 2. Shay Good, 16.0, $1,523; 3. Jason Evans, 17.0, $1,206; 4. Brian Garr, 17.8, $888; 5. (tie) Jay Sellers and Brodie Poppino, 18.4, $444 each.

Aggregate leaders: 1. Brodie Poppino, 34.4; 2. Jason Evans, 35.0; 3. Blake Deckard, 36.7; 4. Chance Kelton, 40.5; 5. Rocky Patterson, 42.6; 6. Cody Lee, 43.2.

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Barnes closes career with win

Twisted Rodeo - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 5:02pm

ALVA, Okla. – Lauren Barnes had secured another qualification to the College National Finals Rodeo in goat tying.

She wanted something more, though. She wanted to win an event championship in her senior season at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. She did so at her last regular-season rodeo of a strong career, winning the goat-tying championship this past weekend at Oklahoma Panhandle State University’s Doc Gardner Memorial Rodeo in Guymon, Okla.

Northwestern-Logo-200“It felt really great to end on a high note and get that title at my last rodeo,” said Barnes of Buckeye, Ariz. “At first, my goal was to make the college finals. Once I realized I had a chance to win the (regional) all-around, that was my goal. I fell just a little bit short.”

A three-event cowgirl, Barnes returns to the college championship, set for June 14-20 in Casper, Wyo. She’s part of the Central Plains Region-winning Northwestern women’s team, which won half the rodeos in the 2014-15 season.

“I don’t know what it is about our girls team, but we are so close,” she said. “I feel like we’ve got a really strong women’s team. It feels great to have other girls there that are working just as hard as you and excited to do well.”

Barnes finished second in the region to teammate Shayna Miller of Faith, S.D. The two Rangers were runaways in the goat-tying points race. In Guymon, Barnes posted an 8.7-second run to finish second in the opening round, then followed that with a final round-winning 8.2. Her two-run cumulative time of 16.9 seconds was almost a full second faster than the field.

“I got my education because of goat tying and rodeo,” said Barnes, an elementary education major. “It helps me prepare for the rest of my life, and it’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing. I’ve got one more chance at (college rodeo), then go live the rest of my life in the real world.”

Barnes was one of two Northwestern goat-tiers to place in the Oklahoma Panhandle; she ws joined by Tearnee Nelson of Faith, S.D., who placed fifth. Breakaway roper Samantha McGuire of Backus, Minn., placed fifth with a two-run cumulative time of 6.9 seconds, while barrel racers Cassy Woodward of Faith, S.D., and Elli Price of Leady, Okla., qualified for the short round.

Freshman steer wrestler Grayson Allred of Kanarraville, Utah, needed something big to occur in Guymon if he were to qualify for the college finals. It did.

Allred won the first round with a 6.0-second run, then got through a tough steer in the final round in 10.2 to hold on to the second-place spot in the average. The 150 points he earned, though, pushed him to third place in the region standings, earning him a trip to Casper – he beat teammate Laine Herl of Goodland, Kan., by just five points.

In the short round, “I drew a steer that ran a little bit, so I had to stand him back up and throw him down again,” Allred said. “I knew I had to go after them and do something big, or I wasn’t going to make it.”

Three other bulldoggers made the final round: Herl, who finished third; Stephen Culling of Fort St. John, British Columbia, who placed fourth; and Mike McGinn of Haines, Ore. They were joined by tie-down roper Harper Maverick of Stephenville, Texas, who finished fifth in the opening round. At the college finals, Allred will be joined by team roping-header Dalton Richards of Hawkinsville, Ga., who finished second in the region.

The Rangers men have a strong team competing in one of the most competitive regions in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. That’s especially true in steer wrestling, where seven Northwestern cowboys finished among the top 15.

“Every day you go to practice, people are going to push you and make you better,” Allred said.

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