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Harrison Captures Tallahassee ITA Summer Circuit Singles Title

Bulldog Beat - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 7:30pm
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – After transferring to Mississippi State last week, Madison Harrison already has her Bulldog career off and running. Taking part in the 2015 Intercollegiate Tennis Association Summer Circuit, Harrison captured the Tallahassee Open singles title on Monday.

New Mexicans ready for Cowboy Christmas

Twisted Rodeo - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 2:17pm

Ram pickups pulling elaborate horse trailers and toting world-class ropers and steer wrestlers have left Pecos, Texas, and Reno, Nev., and are making their ways to locales all across North America.

They’re meeting other rigs and customized vans toting bull riders, saddle bronc riders and bareback riders.

Taos Muncy

Taos Muncy

This is Cowboy Christmas, the busiest time of the ProRodeo season. It features numerous rodeos located all across the United States and Canada, and each stop offers something for every contestant who makes a living in the sport.

The major stops include Prescott, Ariz.; Window Rock, Ariz.; Cody, Wyo.; Greeley, Colo.; Springdale, Ark.; Molalla, Ore.; St. Paul, Ore.; Livingston, Mont.; and Red Lodge, Mont., just to name a few. The commonality between them is the enticement of large paydays and many miles in between.

“The Fourth is really tough because you’re going on little to no sleep and spend most of your time getting from one place to another,” said Taos Muncy, a two-time world champion saddle bronc rider and one of the key members of the Tate Branch Auto Group team of ProRodeo cowboys. “A lot of things can happen, good and bad. I’ve had terrible Fourths where I’ve won nothing. That’s real humbling.”

Jake Cooper

Jake Cooper

As a roughstock cowboy, Muncy and his traveling posse don’t have to haul their own horses. The timed-event cowboys do. No matter the traveling arrangements, the logistics of getting from one place to another can be nightmarish.

It’s something all cowboys must face, including others on the “Riding for the Brand” team: tie-down roping brothers Clif and Clint Cooper and their legendary father, Roy Cooper; steer roper Marty Jones; and team roping twins Jake and Jim Ross Cooper. All have ties to southeastern New Mexico, just like the Tate Branch Auto Group, which has dealerships in Carlsbad, Artesia and Hobbs.

Jim Ross Cooper

Jim Ross Cooper

Though New Mexico is always home, the Tate Branch Auto Group Cowboys will spend the next few weeks on the rodeo trail. They all rodeo for a living and need every dollar they can win, but there’s much more to it. Dollars equal championship points, and the contestant in each event with the most earnings at the conclusion of the season wins the world champion’s gold buckle.

Oftentimes, timed-event hands will have more than one rig on the road during the hectic portion of the season to make sure they capitalize on as many opportunities as possible. That also showcases their talent in riding more than one horse at a time. But having more than one customized vehicle on the road is also helpful to Muncy and his traveling crew.

Clint Cooper

Clint Cooper

Right now, for example, he is in the van owned by traveling partner Tyrel Larsen, while Muncy’s is in northern Colorado. They’ll fly around to several places before returning to Greeley for the Stampede, then moving on to other rodeos.

“For me, the heavy part of the summer run is from the end of June to the end of July,” he said. “I’ll go straight through the next few weeks then on to Calgary (Alberta). I’ll be going every single day from now until the 13th of July, getting on one to two broncs a day.”

That’s just how hectic things can get over a short period of time. When it works out, it’s phenomenal. Muncy has won more than $30,000 over a few days centered around the Fourth of July holiday.

Clif Cooper

Clif Cooper

The Corona, N.M., cowboy has been among the top five in the world standings for much of the 2015 season. A recent dry spell has given him even more incentive to make things happen over the next few days.

“Everything was going really good until last weekend,” said Muncy, who won the college title in 2007, then followed that with world titles in 2007 and 2011. “I went to four rodeos and just had a lot of bad luck. It was just one of those weekends, but those things can turn around. When you’re on fire, you better keep entering and go with the flow. It can turn around quick. You’ve got to be able to handle the highs and the lows.”

That’s the way the rodeo rolls. It’s why the Tate Branch Auto Group cowboys lean on the support they get from the dealerships and the rest of the team involved.

“You just have to stay positive and go with the flow,” Muncy said. “Sometimes you have to show up late and get on, but when you get there, you try hard and give it your best. That’s all you can ask.”

That’s how more gold buckles are crafted.

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MSU Track & Field Athletes Compete World Wide

Bulldog Beat - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 1:40pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – Both Mississippi State track and field teams made history this season with the women's team ending with the highest school finish in history at the NCAA Championship and the men with the highest finish since 1923

How to Handle the Potential Pitfalls of Dating

Lifestyles - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 9:15am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - Dating is hard these days. Never mind the whole getting-to-know you thing, the Internet has created a world where every foible, every flaw, every thing (literally and figuratively) is on display for all the world, including potential dating partners, to see.

"Surviving any worst-case scenario comes down to not panicking, having a plan and ultimately being prepared," David Borgenicht, author of The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Sur-vival Handbook: Dating & Sex, told the Chicago Tribune in an interview. "And this applies to the realm of dating."

That is why it's best to be prepared for any dating scene so you don't find yourself wondering whether leaving-by-the-bathroom-window is actually an option.

The following tips will help you avoid the minefield of dating.

* You spill wine all over the table, on yourself, or on your date. At best, you and your date can laugh it off. And if you like one another, it's an easy way to ask them out for a second one --to a dry cleaners where you'll foot the bill. At worst, if the sparks aren't there, you have an easy out.

* You're running late. It happens -- traffic, work runs over, mistiming on how long it takes to get ready -- and all of a sudden you've kept your date waiting. In this case, take a few minutes to send a text message or a quick call and let them know you've run into a snag, but will be there as soon as possible. Better yet, giving them a timeframe. One caveat: try to keep it light. If you sound stressed about being late, they'll be stressed about waiting.

* You're a smokeless tobacco user. For smokeless tobacco users, the thought of taking a spit cup or bottle on a date is horrific, and of course, an absolute no-no. So, what to do? You might want to consider a portable spittoon made by FLASR, an Atlanta-based company that specializes in creating smokeless tobacco accessories.

To avoid the messiness that can go along with using smokeless tobacco, the FLASR flask has an advanced closing mechanism, ensuring that it stays securely closed when not in use, thus eliminating the risk of spills and leaks often found with cups and bottles. In addition, the small size of the FLASR flask allows users to enjoy smokeless tobacco unobtrusively while in public.

For more information, visit

Smart Homes Save Time and Money

Lifestyles - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 9:12am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - The smart home has gone mainstream. Currently available technology allows homeowners to further personalize the environments in their homes and to monitor their homes remotely. Consider the increasing popularity of smart appliances such as motion-sensor lights, programmable thermostats and sound-control surround systems. Such technologies will likely expand as ways to make homes not only more comfortable, but also safer and more efficient. Smart home technology is becoming increasingly affordable and will become increasingly common in new homes. For example, in 2013, approximately half of all new homes built in the United States included structured wiring, which is needed for the transmission of high-speed video.

Some examples of the latest smart home technology could fall into two categories: Home comfort and home monitoring. Homeowners are able to set up systems that program the house doors to unlock, certain lights to come on, and the thermostat to adjust to preselected settings automatically when someone arrives at the home. In addition, homes can be programmed to send emails or text messages to alert homeowners to potential problems, which can be addressed before they escalate into expensive repairs.

Another point in favor of smart home technology: resale value. If you want to boost the value of your home, smart home technology is a worthwhile investment, and a system that monitors plumbing is a good place to start.

Preventing water damage is one area in which smart home monitoring technology can be especially helpful. Water damage accounts for a significant portion of home insurance claims, and being able to identify potential water problems and address them early can save time and money.

The FloLogic System is engineered to act like a circuit breaker for the plumbing system in the home, and it may be fitted to any home, old or new. The system monitors the water flow throughout the home. The system is designed to shut off the water if it detects any sign of a leak, from something as large as a broken pipe to as mall as a pinhole. It sounds an alarm at the control pad and shuts off the water. The FloLogic System may be linked in with a home security system and will be WiFi enabled by year end.

For more information about how the FloLogic system works, visit

Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Second Home

Lifestyles - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 9:09am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - Owning a second home has many benefits: a potential rental income and a relaxing, reliable getaway, to name a few. However, second homeowners also must consider the challenges of maintaining a property left vacant for long periods of time.

Potential water damage is a key element of concern for homeowners who leave a second property for long periods. For example, a power failure and loss of electricity in the winter might result in frozen and broken pipes in a vacated summer house. An unsuspecting homeowner or renter could cause a flood by turning on the water. Home monitoring systems, such as the FloLogic System, are designed to provide remote monitoring of the water flow in a home. A sustained flow of water, whether from a pinhole leak, running faucet or flooding appliance, prompts the FloLogic System to send an alarm and shut off the water supply, so the homeowner can identify and address leaks before major damage occurs.

Many insurance companies offer reduced rates to homeowners who install the FloLogic System. Find out more about how the FloLogic System can give you peace of mind as you manage your vacation home by visiting

In addition to preventing water damage, owners of second homes can protect their property with these other simple strategies:

Protect the Pipes

For second homes in areas where the temperature dips below freezing, reduce the risk of a frozen pipe by leaving the heat running at 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Homeowners also should consider draining toilets, pipes and hot water tanks before leaving a vacation home for a long absence.

Protect Your Property

Be sure all windows and doors are locked and skylights and ventilation shafts are closed. Bring outdoor furniture inside. Secure bikes, boats and other similar items in a garage or shed. Move electronics, such as TVs and computers, away from windows.

Prepare for Power Surges

Unplug electrical appliances, including toasters and washing machines, for safety in case of an electrical surge.

Manage Your Mail

Be sure the post office has the correct forwarding address and the date on which to start forwarding your mail to an alternate location.

Smart Ways to Save on Home Insurance

Lifestyles - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 9:05am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - The high cost of home insurance can seem like one more financial hurdle to homeowners, but a solid home insurance policy doesn't have to break the bank.

Several factors can impact how much you pay for home insurance, including the age and size of your home, and whether you live in an area prone to natural disasters, such as fires, storms and flooding.

In fact, water damage is one of the largest sources of insurance claims, so making a proactive effort to monitor leaks and minimize the possibility of water damage can help reduce your home insurance premiums. Plumbing-related water damage accounts for 22 percent of homeowner claims filed each year and accounts for 25 percent of the claim dollars that insurance companies pay out. This is second to damage caused by acts of nature.

How can you monitor leaks? The technology in the FloLogic system acts like a circuit breaker for your plumbing system. The system monitors water throughout the home, and automatically shuts off the water if a leak is detected. Homeowners who install the FloLogic sytem may be eligible for a discount on their insurance.

Find out more about how the FloLogic System works by visiting

Other smart steps to save money on home insurance include:

Improve Your Home

Some insurers offer discounts to homeowners in older homes who upgrade outdated heating, electrical, or plumbing systems. Also a home security system may increase your chances of getting a lower premium.

Pump Up What You'll Pay

If you choose a higher deductible (the amount you pay for any damages to your home), you will pay lower premiums. Be prepared to cover damages up to $1,000, so you can save your insurance claims for larger damages.

Shop Around

Read up on information about home insurance rates, and also about complaints related to price, customer service and a range of other issues issues. You can find many insurance quotes online, as well as customer feedback about the company. You may find that paying slightly more for home insurance from a company with mainly good reviews is worthwhile.

Double Up

Consider using the same company for home insurance and auto insurance. It's not uncommon to get a reduced home insurance rate from a company if you also have car insurance or other types of insurance with them.

Know Your Pipe Type And Catch Leaks Early

Lifestyles - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 9:00am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - The saying "They don't make things like they used to," may apply to the plumbing in many homes built in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. During those decades, polybutylene was considered the great future of plumbing for the home. Pipes made from polybutylene (PB) cost half as much as traditional copper pipes, and they were lightweight and easy for contractors to install.

PB pipes became the standard for home plumbing in much of the United States, including the Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, and Sun Belt regions. Approximately 6 to 10 million American homes built during the period from 1978 to 1995 contain PB plumbing, according to home construction data.

However, if a home has PB pipes, its water system is doomed to eventually degrade and fail. The reason? The chlorine present in every public water supply degrades PB pipes and their fittings over time. The questions are when, and how this problem will occur. Chlorine exposure creates small leaks in PB pipes that can turn into large leaks and major flooding. However, a water monitoring system such as FloLogic can help spare homeowners the hassle of an expensive experience in water damage.

The FloLogic System ( monitors the water flow throughout the home, and acts like a circuit breaker that shuts off the water if it detects any type of leak. The System sounds an alarm at a keypad, and it also can be linked to a home security system. With the FloLogic System, homeowners are instantly alerted to the presence and location of a leak, and can address it immediately.

PB plumbing problems have caused millions of dollars in damage over the decades, and it is often difficult for homeowners to distinguish what their pipes are made of without calling in a plumber. Completely replacing PB pipes can be expensive, but careful monitoring can catch a small leak before it becomes a costly one.

In addition to reducing the risk of water damage, the FloLogic System may even earn homeowners a discount on their insurance, depending on the company.

Visit for more details on how the FloLogic System can protect your plumbing.

Millennials Help Boost the Popularity of ETFs

Lifestyles - Mon, 06/29/2015 - 8:50am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - NewsusaInfographic - Investors have obviously caught on. Tired of paying what can be large fees for traditional mutual funds, they've poured $3 trillion into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) -; with $2.09 trillion of that held right here in the U.S. And according to TD Ameritrade, it's millennials, especially, who've been allocating more and more of their portfolios to these baskets of securities that trade intraday like individual stocks.

See full-sized image here.

Gray-Dirty Jacket score 92 points

Twisted Rodeo - Fri, 06/26/2015 - 10:40pm

PECOS, Texas – Neither Ryan Gray nor Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Dirty Jacket is a stranger to being part bareback riding scores in the 90s.

They worked together Friday night for a 92-point ride to take the bareback riding lead at the West of the Pecos Rodeo inside Buck Jackson Arena. It is the highest marked bareback ride so far in 2015 in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, and more than three months remain in the regular season.

Ryan Gray

Ryan Gray

Gray, an eight-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier from Cheney, Wash., is the No. 11 bareback rider in this week’s world standings. With one performance remaining in Pecos, he should collect a big check out of the World’s Oldest Rodeo.

Gray is one of just four cowboys who are part of the world record for highest-marked ride in rodeo, posting a 94 on Grass Dancer, another great Pete Carr bucking horse, in Eagle, Colo., in 2009. Gray also won the fifth round of the 2011 NFR with a 90-point ride on Pete Carr’s MGM Deuces Night, which won the 2012 PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year.

Dirty Jacket is the reigning world champion bareback horse and has been voted as one of the top three horses in the game each of the past three seasons. This marks the third time this year that cowboys have exceeded the 90-point barrier on the 11-year-old bay gelding – Jessy Davis was 93 points to win the San Angelo, Texas, Cinch Shootout in February (a non-PRCA event), while Winn Ratliff posted a 90 just two weeks ago to share the title in Weatherford, Texas.

Over his career, Dirty Jacket has been part of 90-point-plus rides numerous times. In 2014, he matched moves with Richmond Champion in Cheyenne, Wyo., and Steven Dent in Stephenville, Texas, for 91 points; those were the highest marked rides of the season. Two seasons ago, young gun Taylor Price won the West of the Pecos buckle with a 91-point ride on Dirty Jacket.

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UPDATE: 17 Diamond Dawgs Playing Summer Baseball

Bulldog Beat - Fri, 06/26/2015 - 5:28pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – From the Northeast to the West Coast, 18 current Mississippi State baseball players are competing in wooden bat collegiate summer leagues across the country.

Carr team adds to Window Rock rodeo

Twisted Rodeo - Fri, 06/26/2015 - 3:25pm

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – The Navajo Nation Fourth of July PRCA Rodeo is one of the greatest spectacles in the sport.

It’s part of Cowboy Christmas, an annual showcase of lucrative rodeos set around the July 4 holiday. More importantly, it features the greatest athletes in the game, from world champion cowboys and cowgirls to some of the most impressive bucking animals from Pete Carr Pro Rodeo.

WindowRock2015The rodeo is set for 7 p.m. Thursday, July 2-Saturday, July 4, at Dean C. Jackson Memorial Arena (because Window Rock is on the Navajo Nation, the kickoff each night will be during Mountain Standard Time; it is not the same as Arizona, which does not recognize Daylight Savings time).

“I think the thing that makes our rodeo so great is our stock contractor,” said Wanda Nelson, spokeswoman for the Navajo Nation Fair, which produces the annual rodeo. “The last few years, that has been a big thing for us. The contractor and the contestants: we’ve actually had the NFR here in the (Navajo) Nation.”

In addition to numerous world champions that are part of the field, the Window Rock rodeo also will feature world champion bucking animals like Dirty Jacket, the reigning PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year, and two other world champion equine athletes in Big Tex and Real Deal. That’s the type of power Pete Carr Pro Rodeo has in the Navajo Nation.

The key is producing an event that is talked about around the Navajo Nation, which has been the case since the Carr team has been part of the Fourth of July event. This year’s event will include announcer Andy Stewart, a nominee for PRCA Announcer of the Year who is in his fifth year in Window Rock, and funnyman Troy Lerwill, one of the most decorated entertainers in ProRodeo.

Another keen aspect to the three-day rodeo will be the Pete Carr Pro Rodeo bucking stock, another attractive feature for rodeo’s greatest stars. Each of the past two seasons, 27 Carr animals have been selected to buck at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

“Overall, he’s just got the top-rated stock,” Nelson said of Carr. “His personality is a great fit for us, and so is his love for rodeo. He’s been really good to us and has worked really well with us.”

The work is putting on the best rodeo possible for the greatest fans in the game. That’s what the Navajo Nation has come to expect with the annual Fourth of July PRCA Rodeo.

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SEC Network, ESPNU Announce 2015 Soccer, Volleyball Schedules

Bulldog Beat - Thu, 06/25/2015 - 4:09pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. – With the fall season rapidly approaching, the Southeastern Conference announced its 2015 television slate for the SEC Network and ESPNU, which features six Mississippi State volleyball matches and a pair of Bulldog soccer contests.

Kirby is a true circuit champion

Twisted Rodeo - Thu, 06/25/2015 - 9:08am

DUNCAN, Okla. – Jesse James Kirby has been in this position before.

The veteran cowboy holds the lead in the Prairie Circuit’s saddle bronc riding standings, edging another veteran, Wade Sundell of Coleman, Okla., by about $1,400 with just three months remaining in the 2015 season.

Jesse James Kirby

Jesse James Kirby

“I’ve been in the circuit situation before where I had a good lead and had some guys catch me,” said Kirby, 33, of Dodge City, Kan. “But it’s not up to me. My main thing is taking it one rodeo at a time and letting things fall where they fall.”

It may be cliché, but that philosophy is working quite well for Kirby. He’s earned five event titles already this season, including three in the circuit, made up of contestants and events primarily in the Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma region.

He’d like to carry that momentum over to the Chisholm Trail Ram Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo, set for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 15-Saturday, Oct. 17, at the Stephens County Arena in Duncan. After all, he is the reigning circuit finals champion, winning the average title in 2014 by having the best three-round cumulative score among the finalists.

“I’ve been very consistent lately,” said Kirby, who has earned championships at circuit stops in Bennington, Kan.; Strong City, Kan.; and the May rodeo in Duncan. “I’m just trying to keep it simple, not worrying about anything and just having fun. When a guy gets to thinking about too much, that’s when he fights his head and struggles.

“I’m just keeping it as easy as possible, lifting on my rein, keeping my chin tucked and having a good spur out.”

Wade Sundell

Wade Sundell

No matter how much success one has, the top athletes in the game realize basic fundamentals make the difference between riding well and struggling. There also is the thought to continue doing what’s working.

“I needed to get a little ahead so when I get out of the circuit a little bit, I have a bit of a cushion,” he said, referring to the ProRodeo schedule that will see him traveling across the country and outside the region most of the next three months. “I would like to hit Woodward (Okla.) for sure and maybe Pretty Prairie (Kan.) before I head out West. Those are good circuit rodeos, and Woodward adds a lot of money, so that’s always a big part of it.”

Cowboys and cowgirls not only compete to pay their bills, but each dollar counts as championship points. So far this season, Kirby has pocketed more than $9,100, with $6,481 coming from his earnings inside the Prairie Circuit. He is a three-time year-end circuit champion and a two-time winner of the Chisholm Trail Ram Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo.

“I’m going to keep riding the way I have been and hit the circuit rodeos I can,” he said. “During the week of Dodge City, a guy can hit (Kansas stops in) Dodge City, Hill City, Abilene and Phillipsburg, and there are some others that are co-approved with the circuit. That’s a good week to be a circuit cowboy, because they’re all close together.

“If a guy can draw pretty good that week and have a real good week, it can make a big difference in what it takes to get to the circuit finals.”

That’s vital. Only the top 12 contestants in each event earn the right to compete in Duncan the third weekend in October. The world of rodeo features a tiered system; not only do the contestants battle for a spot in the season-ending finale, there are a number of cowboys and cowgirls who also are battling for a spot at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the sport’s grand championship.

As a full-time cowboy, that’s one of Kirby’s goals for 2015.

“I’ve been on a roll, so I’m going to go out West and fight with the wolves a little bit,” Kirby said, referring to testing his skills against regular NFR qualifiers and world champions. “Praise the Lord, I’ve been drawing really good and riding really good. I’m just going to try to take advantage of it and make a little statement that I’m still here.

“I’m going to have fun and do this while I can, because I’m not going to have much more time doing it.”

As a past circuit champion, Kirby wants to continue to push for another regional title. Qualifying for the circuit finals would be important, and so would performing well once he gets to Duncan, but there also is a bigger prize dangling on the line for the Kansas cowboy.

“The circuit’s always been important to me, because it’s close to home and I like the circuit so much,” he said. “But I also haven’t won the saddle yet at the Ram National Circuit Finals.”

The year-end and finals champion in each event from all 12 ProRodeo circuits qualify for the RNCFR, which takes place in Kissimmee, Fla. Each national champion not only wins a trophy saddle but also a trophy buckle, thousands of dollars and a $20,000 voucher toward a new Ram pickup.

“I’d like to have that, especially now that Florida has stepped up and has more added money. If we can still compete and win a lot of money, then we’re going to do that.

“There’s a lot of money in our circuit, too. There are a lot of good rodeos in this circuit and a lot of good people. I want to keep supporting them as much as I can and help the younger guys who are just getting started.”

Kirby has been doing that for his entire ProRodeo career. There’s no reason to change now.

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Exclusive Young Alumni Season Ticket Offer

Bulldog Beat - Wed, 06/24/2015 - 4:45pm
Exclusive season ticket offer for young alumni of Mississippi State.

MSU Athletics, Bulldog Club Announce Partnership With PrimeSport

Bulldog Beat - Wed, 06/24/2015 - 12:00pm
STARKVILLE, Miss. - The Mississippi State Athletic Department, Learfield Sports' MSU Bulldog Sports Properties and the Bulldog Club have announced they have entered into a new fan travel partnership with PrimeSport, the leader in providing direct access to the biggest sporting events. This new partnership names PrimeSport as the "Official Fan Travel Partner" over the next three years and will provide Bulldog fans with travel options to follow the Bulldogs to various away games. For the 2015 season, an official travel package will be available for the away football game to Texas A&M University.


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